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Our members come to our gym for a number of reasons: lose weight, improve mobility, lose the fat and gain muscle mass, or to feel better. They want to ready themselves for the upcoming summer season at the beach or to train for a specific sport. We have found that no two members are alike; however, each person’s ultimate goal is to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

We meet you where you are, and celebrate as you get to where you’re going. Don’t just take our word for it, check out what Judy (10 year member) says.

I started at CrossFit Williamsville 10 years ago this June. It has completely changed my life. I never knew I could do the things that I do before CrossFit. Rob is an excellent coach and truly cares about his members. He focuses on movement and moving correctly. We are not a competitive box, we have all ages, shapes, sizes and we are a family. We welcome anyone who wants to come join us.

-Beth (10-year member)


Tony and I reflect often on words from Rob “if you wanna keep moving, you gotta keep moving”. We are certain that combined with a healthy diet focusing on protein and vegetables with some fruits, a few carbs, and a little fat, and virtually no sugar or processed foods, we can keep going for a long time.”

Renee (9-year member)


I would say the biggest thing I get from Rob, Josh, and the CrossFit Williamsville family is motivation.
Every time I think I know my limits, they show me that I can push past the limitation of my mindset. Each week that I complete, I look back and see that I’m able to do something that I either couldn’t, or, didn’t think I could do the week before.
-Russ (4-year member)

7 years ago, I crushed my left collarbone in a bicycle accident and didn’t think I would ever be able to lift weight overhead or straighten my left arm overhead. From the guidance of Rob and Josh, look at me now! Getting stronger everyday and loving the support.
-Holly (3-year member)

I have been coming to Crossfit Williamsville consistently for five years now.  In that time I have seen my body weight come down almost 30 pounds and I have lost four inches from my waist.  During this same period of time I have increased my strength and have better flexibility than I had in my twenties.  All this has happened while also getting a full hip replacement that was the result of other injuries before I joined Crossfit Williamsville.  The coaches Rob and Josh at Crossfit Williamsville meet you at the fitness level you are currently at and motivate you to levels you couldn’t have imagined when you started.  Every workout is well planned out, safe and to be very honest, stimulating and fun. It’s not unusual to have a few laughs and smile as you find yourself working harder than you ever could have imagined.  

-Luke (5-year member)


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